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Strength and Conditioning


All athletes strive to improve their performance through proper strength and conditioning during the season as well as the off-season. At Jack City Fitness, that’s exactly what we provide! We uphold correct principles that lead athletes of any age from good to great. Three principles we consider when programming for athletes include:



  1. Long-term Approach
  2. Injury Reduction
  3. Balance of Practice and Training


  1. The long-term approach refers to developing an athlete over time with proper periodization (progressions in the workout program) and adequate rest between training sessions and sport practices. Houses aren’t built on sand, and athletes shouldn’t be training for strength and power without proper movement mechanics. Core stabilization, single leg drills, and proper landing mechanics are a few of the components we look for in an athlete’s ability before we progress.


  1. Teaching a young athlete how to move his or her body properly through all planes of motion is very beneficial. Enhanced body control through balance and stabilization exercises can lead to greater strength and power improvements than strength training alone. A great strength coach will never sacrifice lifting technique for increased resistance. Additionally, balancing challenges and successes optimally leads to youth embracing the benefits of strength and conditioning. Injury prevention should be the number one goal of any strength and conditioning program.


  1. Athletes of all ages rely on their strength coaches for an ideal balance of sport practice and sport training. We encourage athletes to avoid early specialization in a sport and more importantly focus on the development of their physical and mental capabilities. Early specialization can lead to over-use injuries as well as burnout. Regardless of the sport, athletes need endurance, strength, and power; they also need to spend adequate time training to enhance those. Plainly stated, stop shooting hundreds of hockey pucks per day and get into the weight room and become a better athlete!