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2015-2016 Jr. Steelhead Game Jersey/Sock Orders

With the new season upon us, it is important to submit orders for jerseys and spirit wear as soon as possible. Accordingly, all new game jersey and sock orders must be turned in on the final day of your upcoming tryouts.  Players renting jerseys will also need orders turned in during the tryout weekend.  There will be sample sizes and a list of available numbers for you during your players’ tryout weekend.   Once rosters are posted you will have 48 hours to complete online registration to finalize your order.   Failure to complete online registration will result in cancelation of your order.  We have several teams participating in early tournaments and need to complete this process ASAP.  Your cooperation is greatly appreciated.

by posted 08/19/2015
2015-2016 Coaches


A - Matt Gunn

B - Travis Ceniga, Bob Parziale


AA - John Howell

A/B - Robbie Swofford


AA/A - Cal Ingraham

B - Pete Bower

Midget Minor:

Erik Waite

Midget Major:

Cody Proctor


In Memory

Karl Seyb #33
1994 ~ 2011