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  • - Annual Meeting 5/31 @ Idaho Ice World 
BYAHA 2016 Ballot

2016 BYAHA Ballot

Please fill out and return. You can email your ballot to   (no later than May 30th) or turn in at the annual meeting 5/31 at Idaho Ice World.  Only one vote per household. Check only one box per board position.


Registered Player(s):


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Ron Hjorth

Marshal Weber 


Vice President:

John Roters

Bruce Chadwick

Russ DeJardins



Wes Worrell

Jan Eric Peterson

Nate Sparks


Tournament Director:

Nisha Caffey

Tanya Arnberger

John Margarit

Scott Kiem


Fundraising Director:

Bobbi May


Scholarship Director:

Barclay Konrath

Travis Ceniga

Krista Howard

Tammy Mills

by posted 05/19/2016
Getting Ready for the Annual Meeting


Annual Meeting May 31st, 2016 6:00pm-8:00pm @ Idaho Ice World


Ready to get involved? Not sure what you need to do? It’s as easy as 1-2-3. Just click the link below for step-by-step instructions. 

Getting Ready for the Annual Meeting

by posted 04/29/2016
To all Treasure Valley Hockey Families:

The Boise Youth Amateur Hockey Association (“BYAHA”) Board of Directors would like to see one travel hockey organization for the upcoming 2016-2017 season. For a number of years we have experienced friction between the Jr. Steelheads and Hawks organizations. We believe that friction has impeded the growth of hockey in the Treasure Valley and has taken away not only from the development of our kids, but also the enjoyment of what travel hockey should offer to all of us. It is time to put all of the negativity behind us. The benefits of one travel organization are numerous and include the following:

- One organization with greater numbers will allow us to maximize ice time, resulting in lower costs.

- With a unified mission, we will be able to better focus our efforts on skill development.

- With combined numbers, our organization will carry a greater voice with the Idaho Amateur Hockey Association and USA Hockey.

- With greater numbers our ability to negotiate with vendors strengthens thus resulting in lower costs.

- One organization will result in more and better fundraising opportunities which will assist our families financially and will further develop our need based scholarships.

- One organization will result in the ability to field more and deeper teams.

- One organization will help us all to focus on what is most important – the kids!

A number of people have been working hard to make this happen, but recently our efforts have stalled. Our Board is committed to making this happen and we need to move forward with the preparations for the 2016-2017 season. We cannot force people to share in our vision, but we would like to invite everyone to do so. We have heard criticism about the Jr. Steelheads, some of which is based upon misinformation and some of which is valid. That being said, we are sure there are things that we can improve upon and invite you to help make this hockey experience better for everyone involved.

Much of the animosity between the two organizations started years ago and most, if not all of those involved in the split no longer have children who are playing youth hockey in the Treasure Valley. Despite this fact, we continue to have issues. Our hockey community is too fragile to deal with the issues and negativity created by the existence of two travel organizations. Further, our numbers simply do not support it. We believe that the future of hockey in the Treasure Valley should rest in the hands of those families who plan to be part of travel hockey this coming season.

In an effort to make this plan a reality, and to give families from both organizations a voice, the Board members of BYAHA that have time remaining in their term will resign effective May 31, 2016 (with the exception of the Treasurer who will remain to ensure the finances are properly maintained). BYAHA has opened registration for the 2016-2017 season and it is free to register. Nominations will be taken for all six elected Board positions until May 25, 2016. Only families of registered players will be allowed to participate in voting for the new Board members. On May 26, 2016, an email ballot will be sent to all registered members and electronic voting will be open from May 26, 2016 through May 30, 2016. Instructions on voting and a complete list of the available board positions will be available on our website www.jrsteelheads.com.

On May 31, 2016, BYAHA will hold its annual meeting where there will also be an opportunity to vote in person. Election results will be announced at the meeting. Thereafter, the new Board will convene and begin its work for the upcoming season including appointing the three remaining non-elected Board positions (Treasurer is already filled), selecting coaches for the 2016-2017 season, determining tryouts, and choosing the name of the organization. The last item may catch your attention. To the extent the name of the organization should change, we want to give the new Board the ability to make that happen and we hope this willingness helps to illustrate our commitment to make this happen insofar as this is not about a name, but rather about what we firmly believe is in the best interests of our kids.

No decisions have been made as to who will coach next season. Anyone who is interested will be required to fill out an application which is located on our website. The applications will be reviewed and selected by the incoming Board.

We are hopeful that the 2016-2017 season will see three travel teams at squirts and peewees: one top team (A or AA) and two B teams. Ideally we would like to see the same at Bantams, but the reality is that we may only have enough kids for two teams. At the midget level we would like to see at least one team at both the U16 and U18 level. However, the number of teams is out of our control and will be based upon the number of kids that register.

We hope that all of you will join us in moving as one organization for the betterment of hockey in the Treasure Valley, to maximize the development of our children and to offer all hockey families the most positive hockey experience possible.


/s/ BYAHA Board of Directors

John Howell, President

Mike Sage, Vice President

Jeff Corbin, Secretary

Brooke Littrell, Registrar

Brad Johnson, Hockey Operations Director

Barclay Konrath, Scholarship Director

Bobbi May, Fundraising Director

Nisha Caffey, Tournament Director

Alexis Palmer, Treasurer

Steve Dunton, Past President

Marlia Gordon, Equipment Manager

by posted 04/27/2016

  Welcome to the Junior Steelheads!

BYAHA is the parent organization of the Junior Steelheads youth hockey teams and is a member of the Idaho Amateur Hockey Association and USA Hockey. BYAHA is a 501(c) 3 not-for-profit organization. The Boise Youth Amateur Hockey Association is a competitive travel ice hockey program serving the Treasure Valley. Located in Boise, Idaho, the Junior Steelheads are currently seeking young individuals in all age groups for their upcoming hockey season. Teams are being formed for the following levels: Squirt (8-10 years of age), Peewee (11-12 years of age), Bantam (13-14 years of age), U16 (Under 16 years of age) and U18 (Under 18 years of age). 

Competitive travel hockey is an exceptionally rewarding experience for youths. The Junior Steelheads program gives some of our community’s most talented and committed young men and women the exposure and opportunity to develop their skills while representing the Treasure Valley. And hockey is teaching our kids so many valuable life lessons such as discipline, teamwork, leadership, and accountability. Our mission is to provide and implement a positive learning environment for young players to gain the maximum benefits of participating in a competitive sports program. We believe in challenging them to embrace school academics, demanding dedication to sportsmanship as individuals and teammates both on and off the ice, enhancing skill development, developing good work habits, helping them set goals and plans to reach those goals. Our goal is to develop great people as well as players. We believe in setting and achieving goals, not just scoring them!

by posted 10/27/2015
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