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  • Summer Skate and Tryout Registration is now open!
U16 Update/Information


We have received questions about the U16 team for the 2016-2017 season. I write to try and clear up some of the confusion.

We want to be very clear that we are planning to field 1-2 U16 teams (AA, A/B) this season, which will be dependent upon numbers and skill level. I am aware of the U16AAA team.

I have been very open about my position with regard to the team: I support the concept, but I am concerned about a number of logistical issues and I am pessimistic about whether the team will be able to compete at a high level. At this time the U16AAA team is not affiliated with BYAHA but my hope has been and continues to be that we will come to an agreement whereby such a team could play under the BYAHA banner. To the extent the team would be part of BYAHA, it would have to fit in with BYAHA’s mission and be subject to BYAHA’s rules and regulations.

In the meantime, the season is fast approaching and we need to ensure that the kids have as good of an opportunity as possible to play what I believe is the greatest sport, at a high level, stressing development, and to do so as cost-effectively as possible.

As you all know we have summer skates every Sunday and tryouts are scheduled for August 5-7 (check the website for exact times). I have spoken to several individuals about coaching and will name the coach as soon as possible. In talking to some of the kids, it seems like a priority is to go to Nationals and compete for a championship. It is our intention to provide a platform for these kids to accomplish such a goal and to have a positive experience this season.


John Howell

Hockey Director

by posted 07/15/2016
Printable Summer Skate Schedule

**We had a great turnout at the first summer skate for the squirt and peewee groups. As a result, we will be adding ice and modifying the schedule slightly for those age groups.

For the remainder of the Summer Skates Squirt will get an hour followed by the Peewees who will have their own hour. The schedule has been changed on the master schedule and you can print it below.  This will not affect the skates for the Bantam and Midget.**

A couple of questions have come up.


Who can go to summer skates?

Summer skates are open to all players regardless of skill level.


Is there any easy way to see the schedule?

Yes, you can export any schedule or click (HERE) for a printable version. 

by posted 07/05/2016
Summer Skate and Tryout Information



Is your player registered? We have reserved ice for summer skates starting July 10 for all age groups.

The purpose of the skates is to give the kids a low-cost opportunity to get on the ice throughout the summer and to begin working toward the upcoming season. While the summer skates are not tryouts, the coaches will utilize the summer skates to continually evaluate the kids. Each skate is 75 minutes and the specific dates are set forth on the website. The skates total 9 hours of coached, age-specific training for $75, which amounts to just over $8 per hour. Coaches are not getting paid to be on the ice and we are simply dividing the cost of the ice by our target numbers. The key is to get kids to sign up and attend the skates or we will be forced to cut back of some of the sessions. If you do not sign up and only want to pay per session, it will be allowed at a cost of $20 per session.

We have scheduled tryouts for August 5-7. This is earlier than we have done in the past and is due primarily to the limited availability of ice. However, the benefits of holding tryouts early are many, including ample time to properly organize the logistics for each team such as ordering jerseys, training new managers and treasurers, determining practice schedules, and organizing fundraising efforts. If your player will not be at the tryouts due to a family vacation or other obligation, please send me an email letting me know. In such situations, it will be critical for the player to attend summer skates to be evaluated.

To get signed up for both Sumer Skates and Tryouts click HERE

Thank you,

John Howell

Hockey Director

by posted 07/04/2016
Attention Coaches!

If you are interested in coaching or if you have submitted an application but have not been contacted by Ron Hjorth or John Howell please let us know. During the transition it looks like we might have lost some emails and we want to make sure every potential coach has been contacted prior to naming 2016-2017 coaches. 

by posted 06/28/2016
Summer Skate & Tryout Registration

Registration is now open to all ages for 2016-2017 Summer Skates and Tryouts! 

**Squirt Tryouts have been moved to Aug 5th - 7th**

Summer Skates:

  • July 10 - Aug 28
  • 7-sessions
  • 75-min long sessions
  • Age specific
  • Run by the coaches for that age group.


  • Aug 5 - 7 (SQ, PW, Ban, Mid)
  • 3-4 sessions
  • 75-min sessions
  • 3rd party evaluations

Click HERE to get started.

by posted 06/22/2016
Letter from the BYAHA President


Treasure Valley hockey parents and players,

I would like to welcome you all to the start an exciting 2016/17 hockey season. This season is particularly special as we get to welcome the Hawks and Jr. Steelheads as a united force! We are now one hockey family!

While the BYAHA board has been working hard to get everything in place and has opened registration for both summer skates and tryouts. I have received many questions sent to my personal email, texts and so forth. As I would love to address them personally, they all seem to be the same type of questions, so I am going to attempt to address them here.

What happened with the merger?

Well, it didn’t happen. I am not going to address the why, but we are in what I would refer to as a “unification” of the players.  I did attend the last Hawk meeting on June 8th and I am sure everyone has figured it out by now what the results of that meeting where. Out of respect for the organization, I told the Hawks President I would allow him to be the first to inform the troops.

I can say that it was a sad day for some. Even I had a hard time with it as I have many friends and memories from being a Hawk.

What will the name be?

It will remain the Jr. Steelheads. There were many factors that went into this decision (on hand jersey stock, name recognition, the benefit of sharing a name with the professional and Jr. team…). However, the biggest factor behind keeping the Jr. Steelheads name was the cost to change. The cost for us to change our name would have collectively cost us tens of thousands of dollars in jerseys, socks, bags, track suits, swag…. I did not want to incur any new costs for this season, as I want to make this as affordable as we can for everyone. In addition, because of our stock on hand we can offer a rental program for those that might not want to buy new jerseys at this time.

Will there be a place for my player to play?

 I surely hope so!! As I cannot guarantee anything, I can say I will do my best to make sure ALL have a place to play.

How many teams will there be?

Obviously, this is based on numbers, as I have a good idea, I am not willing to say until tryouts start.

Will there be AA-B teams?

Yes, there will. At every age group? Depends on numbers and talent. Right now our biggest numbers are at the Peewee level.

Who are the Coaches?

The reason I have kept mum about this is, we had an issue with our email server and I feared that some applications did not make it to the board. I want to make sure everyone that filled out an application is considered.

Why are the Squirts tryouts so late?

It was determined by the board that the best time to have squirt tryouts was later than the other age groups. In general 1st year Squirts will benefit the most from the summer skates and be more prepared for tryouts.

What is the policy for playing up?

It is posted on the website http://jrsteelheads.com/Page.asp?n=96389&org=jrsteelheads.com


I believe that’s the bulk of the questions.

I know there are going to be some growing pains as we start working together, building new bridges, and gaining new friends. The BYAHA board will do it’s best to make this one of the best seasons but we cannot do it alone. We all are doing this for the kids and we need you to get engaged and be positive! Positive people yield positive results. 

Thank you for allowing your child to play for this organization.



Ron Hjorth

BYAHA President. 

by posted 06/22/2016

  Welcome to the Junior Steelheads!

BYAHA is the parent organization of the Junior Steelheads youth hockey teams and is a member of the Idaho Amateur Hockey Association and USA Hockey. BYAHA is a 501(c) 3 not-for-profit organization. The Boise Youth Amateur Hockey Association is a competitive travel ice hockey program serving the Treasure Valley. Located in Boise, Idaho, the Junior Steelheads are currently seeking young individuals in all age groups for their upcoming hockey season. Teams are being formed for the following levels: Squirt (8-10 years of age), Peewee (11-12 years of age), Bantam (13-14 years of age), U16 (Under 16 years of age) and U18 (Under 18 years of age). 

Competitive travel hockey is an exceptionally rewarding experience for youths. The Junior Steelheads program gives some of our community’s most talented and committed young men and women the exposure and opportunity to develop their skills while representing the Treasure Valley. And hockey is teaching our kids so many valuable life lessons such as discipline, teamwork, leadership, and accountability. Our mission is to provide and implement a positive learning environment for young players to gain the maximum benefits of participating in a competitive sports program. We believe in challenging them to embrace school academics, demanding dedication to sportsmanship as individuals and teammates both on and off the ice, enhancing skill development, developing good work habits, helping them set goals and plans to reach those goals. Our goal is to develop great people as well as players. We believe in setting and achieving goals, not just scoring them!

by posted 10/27/2015
2016-2017 Coaches


A - Travis Ceniga

      Zane Palmer



AA - Ron Hjorth



AA - John Howell



U16AA - Adam LaBarbera

               Kevin Burns

U18 - TBA

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